My 5 Favorite Stretch Mark Creams

November 10, 2017

stretch mark cream reviews

Let me start by saying I am very much of the belief that yes, stretch marks are hereditary and there’s not necessarily one magic cream that will prevent stretch marks for everyone. (Gasp!) Buuut that being said, do you really think that’s going to stop me from trying all the fun products? Nope! Plus no matter what, your belly is probably going to get itchy at some point in or all of the pregnancy and a good cream or oil will most definitely help with that.

I’m just going to go product by product and give you my thoughts. I purchased all of these myself (except one my mom sent me after I told her I was pregnant, thanks mama) so no one is sponsoring this. Just purely my humble opinion. I’d love to hear any favorites you’ve tried too!

stretch mark cream reviews

  • The basq Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter came highly recommended by multiple friends and celebrities too! It was definitely a splurge item, but I figured I would give it a try. I was unable to use this cream during the first trimester because there is a very heavy fragrance to it. After I got over the nausea I came to love the smell! It’s a nice thick cream that goes on easily and soaks in fast. It’s not as much of a “butter” as other body butters, but that’s fine. I like a good cream too. My skin feels super soft after I put it on. Seriously, people swear by this stuff so here’s to hoping!

stretch mark cream reviewThis Motherlove Pregnant Belly Oil was a LIFESAVER during my first trimester. I had a really hard time with the smell of most other oils and lotions, but this has the lightest lavender fragrance. Since it was one of the only moisturizers I could use, I basically bathed in it daily. It’s a very thick oil that takes a little while to soak in, but my dry skin loves this! If I needed to apply quickly and go I would mix it with a tiny bit of an Aveeno body lotion and it would soak in immediately. So glad I had this.

stretch mark cream reviewFirst of all, I love Glow organic products! Everything I’ve tried has been wonderful! This Belly Butter came in a gift box I received (ok bought for myself for throwing up in the kitchen sink). This is the butter of all belly butters. It is one of those that is nice and solid and then start to melt as you rub it in. Glorious. It also doesn’t have much of a scent to it so I think it would be a great pick for anyone with nausea. I just didn’t have it until after the nausea was starting to fade. Another big plus is that it’s organic, vegan, gluten & cruelty free. A great product without any other junk in it.

stretch mark cream reviewThis It Works! Stretch Mark Body Cream is completely different from all of the other products I tried out. I know everyone has their own thoughts on MLM, but I like supporting friends when I can so I look at it as a double win! This cream was a little bit thinner than the others, but some days that’s exactly what I was looking for. It also has a little bit of a cooling effect to it which feels amazing. No link on this one, go find a friend who sells it and get it through them, I know they would appreciate it!

stretch mark cream reviewDid you think I’d forget about Bio-Oil? Of course not! I’ve actually used Bio-Oil a ton in the past as a general body/face (yes face, have I mentioned my skin is incredibly dry!) moisturizer. Bio-Oil is definitely a go to stretch mark prevention and treatment that a lot of people swear by. It does have a little bit of a fragrance so I held off for the first 15 weeks or so. Since then, I’ve been slathering it everywhere. It’s a thinner oil and needs to be worked in a bit, but soaks into my skin well. I like using an oil before bed so I keep this right on the nightstand.

So there you go, a few of my favorite stretch mark products! So far I haven’t seen any of those pesky things show up, but I do have a month to go so plenty of time. And you know what? If they do show up, it will be just fine. I’m so proud of what my body is doing these days and if I have some permanent marks to prove it, then so be it. In the mean time, I’ll keep oiling/lotioning/buttering this belly up!