The Day We’ve Been Waiting For: Part 2

pregnancy after infertility

When I sat down to write my last post announcing our pregnancy I started to include these thoughts along with it. I ended up erasing it all and keeping it a simple, happy announcement. How long have I sat there dreaming about the day I would get to announce MY pregnancy? A long time. I figured I would give myself a pass and allow myself to fully cherish that moment. The truth is though, there are many other emotions that have...

7 Lessons I’ve learned through our journey of infertility

lessons on infertility

Since opening up about our journey through infertility, so far. I’ve had so many sweet texts and messages from women experiencing the same thing. Some of you are at the beginning of your journey and a few of you even shared that you’ve made it out to the other side and are pregnant! These stories are so incredibly encouraging to me. It shows me I am not alone, WE are not alone. I’ve gotten a few questions from you as well...

The adventure that was our second IUI

second IUI

Our second IUI (intrauterine insemination) was a bit of an adventure. I was definitely feeling pretty dramatic about it at the time. Now that some time has gone by and we’ve moved on to the next one, I can laugh about it (kind of). For those of you who live in Seattle, maybe you remember that day a couple of months ago that the city basically shut down. I5 was closed because due to an accident and then a freak ice/snow storm...

Real Talk: We are struggling with infertility

fertility injections, infertility

Even writing the title to this post is tough. Usually when I talk to anyone, I refer to it as “fertility issues”. In my mind, that’s easier to say than INFERTILITY. But I guess that’s what it is. We are struggling with infertility. It’s time to open up The infertility issue is probably one of the main reasons I got the itch to start writing. By nature, I am a deeply private person. Sometimes this trait is great; I think it really...