Thailand: Our Diving, Birthday, Beach, City, Rainforest Adventure

khao sok longboat tour

Before turning 30, I thought it was this huge deal. I wanted to just ignore it and move on with life. Now that 31 is here, I look back with my increased wisdom time on earth and laugh. For my birthday, I wanted to be out of the country on some adventure, to minimize the blow of this birthday milestone. After lots of brainstorming we decided on Thailand. I’ve never been to that part of the world and it was so intriguing...

Deja Vu: My Art of Being Alone

the art of being alone

Today feels all too familiar. I just got home from dropping Nate off at the airport. He’s headed to Maryland to start training for his new job. And I’m staying back in Seattle, alone. I might be a little rusty on how to do life alone, but I think it will come back quick. The dogs and I used to be pros. For the first half of our relationship, Nate was still on active duty. He was deployed for at...

Palm Springs: Finding life and a little vitamin D in the desert!

palm springs, ace hotel

When it’s been raining in Seattle for six months straight, and you and two friends all have a birthday within one month…you plan a trip to Palm Springs! A couple of months ago a good friend, Sheena sent a text out a text saying something along the lines of “I NEED SUN, let’s go somewhere” (that might be paraphrased.) A week later Sheena, myself, and another friend Des had our trip booked to sunny Palm Springs. It was still three months...