When the NICU nurse becomes the NICU mom

nicu nurse becomes nicu mom

As I sit down to write these words, my precious girl is home, sleeping on my chest, and healthy. I know for many a “NICU mom” they don’t get this chance for a very long time, and some maybe never… So I’ll preface this by saying I know how truly blessed we are that our stay was short and Kennedy has made a full recovery. At the same time, that doesn’t make the experience we went through any easier. It’s...

Our Girl’s Nursery Reveal!

girls nursery

Here it is! Our girl’s nursery reveal! Over the last couple of months I was sure I’d never get this room finished, but finally I’m feeling pretty good about it. As you can imagine, I’ve looked at thousands of nursery photos, scoured Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. But I wanted it to still be “ours”. I’ve loved the floral trend that’s been going on for girl’s nurseries these days, but I knew I wanted to do it a little bit...

My 5 Favorite Stretch Mark Creams

stretch mark review

Let me start by saying I am very much of the belief that yes, stretch marks are hereditary and there’s not necessarily one magic cream that will prevent stretch marks for everyone. (Gasp!) Buuut that being said, do you really think that’s going to stop me from trying all the fun products? Nope! Plus no matter what, your belly is probably going to get itchy at some point in or all of the pregnancy and a good cream or oil will...

“Don’t try to be a hero”: Labor advice from a stranger


There have been many things that have surprised me about pregnancy. But one of the most eye opening things has been the openness of strangers with their “advice”, comments about my body, and a multitude of other things. Should I be surprised about this? Probably not. A lot of people have mentioned it, but holy cow, I did NOT realize the extent that people would go to talk to me about my body, my pregnancy, their own bodies, their own...

Our Seattle Maternity Shoot

maternity photo

We’ve been blessed to have made two trips to Seattle during the month of September. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Seattle in September, but the weather was absolutely perfect. We tried to soak up as much of it as we possibly could. We also had the opportunity to get together with Taylor Smith to do some maternity photos. It was so nice to capture so much of what we love about Seattle, the lush green trees as well...

We are finally home.


  Looking at the photo above, it might not seem like anything too special. It’s not the most beautiful picture ever; those nightstands don’t belong in our room, the duvet is wrinkled, the sheets are mismatched and I’m still hunting down our pillow cases. But that’s not what matters at all. What matters is it’s home. This is our bed, the bed I haven’t slept in in over four months. Last night we slept here, and it was amazing. The...