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How I’m Decreasing My Sugar Intake

low sugar

Recently, Nate and I watched one of those fear mongering type documentaries about the health risks of sugar. I think we have all started to learn more about how awful sugar actually is for you, but this documentary helped put it in perspective for us even more. This came at a good time as I’ve been having a serious ongoing craving for any sour gummy candy I can get my hands on. Since telling people we are pregnant I’ve had...

Our Gender Reveal

gender reveal pregnancy

  Intentions. I had a LOT of intentions prior to making our move out of Seattle. And a LOT of them didn’t end up coming to fruition. I had a long list of “last” hikes, trips, dinners, brunches, get togethers… you get the idea. But as we all know, time flies. Especially during the summer when the sun finally decides to show it’s beautiful face and all I wanted to do was go on nice long walks and read in...