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The Day We’ve Been Waiting For: Part 2

pregnancy after infertility

When I sat down to write my last post announcing our pregnancy I started to include these thoughts along with it. I ended up erasing it all and keeping it a simple, happy announcement. How long have I sat there dreaming about the day I would get to announce MY pregnancy? A long time. I figured I would give myself a pass and allow myself to fully cherish that moment. The truth is though, there are many other emotions that have...

The Day We’ve Been Waiting For

gender reveal, pregnant

We’re pregnant. Words I’ve been dying to say for so long now. Words that so many times I wondered, will I ever get to say that? But sure enough, it happened. Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, perseverance beyond anything I ever imagined, and prayers upon prayers upon prayers, here we are. Pregnant, 14 weeks to be exact. And we are having a little baby girl. To say we are thrilled doesn’t really even begin to explain it. But...