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Palm Springs: Finding life and a little vitamin D in the desert!

palm springs, ace hotel

When it’s been raining in Seattle for six months straight, and you and two friends all have a birthday within one month…you plan a trip to Palm Springs! A couple of months ago a good friend, Sheena sent a text out a text saying something along the lines of “I NEED SUN, let’s go somewhere” (that might be paraphrased.) A week later Sheena, myself, and another friend Des had our trip booked to sunny Palm Springs. It was still three months...

Real Talk: We are struggling with infertility

fertility injections, infertility

Even writing the title to this post is tough. Usually when I talk to anyone, I refer to it as “fertility issues”. In my mind, that’s easier to say than INFERTILITY. But I guess that’s what it is. We are struggling with infertility. It’s time to open up The infertility issue is probably one of the main reasons I got the itch to start writing. By nature, I am a deeply private person. Sometimes this trait is great; I think it really...

Yes, I “Keep Burning” with Orangetheory Fitness

orangetheory fitness

About a year ago, My friend Renee came to visit and dragged me to a workout class with her. She insisted I’d “LOVE it”. Sixty intense minutes of Orangetheory later, I was hooked. I am [used to be] a runner. I can do straight cardio all day long.  So going into the class I thought, this isn’t going to be that hard. After  a few sprints (“All Outs” in Orangetheory lingo) on the treadmill at a 15% incline I was eating my...

Making Room for the Guests: Our “Cozy” Guest Room

guest room art

Surprise! Our Seattle townhouse might not be as spacious as our Wichita “mansion”. Bet you couldn’t have guessed that. Let’s be honest though, Kansas has pretty unlimited space compared with a water locked city such as Seattle. Thankfully, we do have 3 bedrooms which was sort of a necessity for us since so many of our friends and family live thousands of miles away. And we LOVE having guests. Few things make me happier than a house packed full of friends...