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Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies recipe

Guys. I seriously love dessert. My sweet tooth is out of control. I consider myself an overall healthy person, but I have a VERY hard time saying no to the dessert menu if it’s offered. Somewhere along the way growing up, I developed a love for baking. Probably because it allows me sweet treats whenever I want, without even venturing out the front door. This specific recipe came about in college when a friend made these ridiculously good, soft, gooey...

Hi, I’m Kim and I’m an Air Force Veteran

air force veteran nurse

For some, the fact that I am a veteran is surprising. I get it. Before I joined the Air Force I had a pretty interesting picture of what a “military” type is. Now having spent six years on active duty, I have a very different picture. Help me, Google! I’ll start by saying I jumped in to this adventure knowing less than little about the military. Quite honestly I didn’t even know there was an actual different between the different...

“I could never do that”

seattle children's hospital

“I am a pediatric critical care nurse” There. I said it. If you’ve ever relocated in your adult life, you know you’ve answered the, “So what do you do?” question, many times. While making new friends as adult can be beast in itself (more about that another time) I especially hate this part of the get-to-know-you conversation. I’ve thought about making up a new profession to avoid the inevitable conversation that follows my answer. Without fail, the interaction goes this: Potential new friend: So what do...

First things first, meet the crew

my family

Whoa, first blog post ever. How do I even get started? After some thought, and some unfinished stories I thought there’s no way I can start writing about my life without first sharing my family with you. This is my family, “my people”, and yes I know two out of the three might actually be animals, but you know what I mean. We share a roof, four walls, food, water, air, and bed (yep the dogs snuggle their way into...